Name: Shenzhen City Xin Hengda Ultrasonic Equipment Company Limited

Address: Shenzhen City, Baoan District Fuyong town Tong Mei Sheng Industrial Zone

Contact: Mr Cheng

Mobile phone:13823500375

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Company name: Kunshan new Jiangsu Hengda mechanical and Electrical Equipment Company Limited

Address: Kunshan City Zhang town as one of188 number of road

e have been in business, we have been deeply rooted, all just to serve you, for your creativity, for your value, in order to you deal with the changeable environment and help you, we are your got killer mace, we are your to improve the competitiveness of the helper, we have been waiting for you return, never give up. Shenzhen City Xin Hengda ultrasound equipment Limited is a set design, development, manufacturing, marketing, services in one of the enterprises, involved in the field of ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, auto parts, industrial water cleaning, plating, ultrasonic welding automation equipment.The company production of a dozen series, dozens of kinds of specifications of intelligent control automatic cleaning line, multiple tank cleaning machine, small washing machine, single tank cleaning machine and the gas phase type cleaning machine such as a full range of cleaning equipment; industrial pure water production line; industrial chiller; industrial oven; ultrasonic plastic welding machine; for optical lens, auto parts, liquid crystal display, aviation machinery, precision metal parts, electronic circuit boards, bearing parts, parts of vacuum ion plating, metal plating parts, audio, medical equipment, and other industries to provide high-quality cleaning equipment and perfect after sale service. To constant innovation, improve the quality of domestic ultrasonic cleaning equipment; cleaning industry branch company and international conform, the industry to absorb the essence of tax growing R & D team to improve the production capacity. Xin Hengda products related to photoelectric optical, precision metal, LCD, TFT, electroplating, chemical and other industries, especially in optoelectronics, optical, mobile phone parts, auto parts and other fields the champion.Xin Hengda company a good sales network, based on the domestic and global radiation, pursue the company:" people-oriented, common development" concept, the company has a high-quality sales service and after sale service team. With a positive attitude, full of enthusiasm to accept the customer's inspection, customer satisfaction is our pursuit . Companies adhering to the " scientific management, careful manufacturing, quality service, the pursuit of excellence" quality policy, established a comprehensive quality management system. On this basis, the company is willing to old and new partners to cooperate actively, seek common development, Tongchuang brilliant; a person with breadth of vision is willing to work together for the development of China's ultrasonic cleaning industry, to promote China's national industry to make contribution.
Address: Shenzhen city Fuyong town Tong Mei Feng Tong Road and industrial zone in the North | contact: Mr. Cheng | mobile phone:13823500375| QQ:455384205| phone : 0755-81181895
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